10 September, 2010

怖いの?Orega kowai no ka?

Oh dear. It seems I've put a few noses out of joint, without throwing a punch!

Firstly a bit of a moan from one of the Gannon brothers (I've posted the comment unmoderated) offended by my posting the "thumbgate" photo, I'll let you read his comments and judge his motives...

I have also had my first flat refusal.

A webcontact form completed to request a taster session at Shane Varney's Karate School was responded to with:

"Sorry you are not welcome at my school"

What a shame. Particularly as the majority of my posts are positive and I usually recommend the clubs visited.

It would have been great to get a message from either of these chaps saying: "Hi, let me show you how great we are, please come to my club and review it, I'm confident you'll be impressed by my students, my style, my instruction, and my affiliations"

So no review of Shane Varneys Karate School (aka martialartswigston) -
click here to see what I'm missing...


  1. It's a shame that you weren't able to attend the session. Your reviews both positive and not so positive are always interesting to read.

    Better luck next week!

  2. Wow. That you would get such a response speaks volumes. BTW, what kind of "family" karate spot would refuse to allow you what they advertise (the free "taster" lesson)?

    Such a shame...