16 June, 2010

Thumbs down for this club...

This is a quickie. Just pootling around facebook and looking for new Leicester clubs, I find another Gannon Academy: This time led by Paul, and a photo of two young black belts.

What's wrong with this picture? - answers on a postcard please!


  1. Nice...thumb tucked into the fist. Sheesh, we fix that at white belt. I definitely see a broken thumb forthcoming.

  2. Naughty, naughty, tucky thumby. I'm only a green belt and that stuck out like a sore thumb even to me (pun absolutley intended! LOL). Probably not something you want to show in your club marketing eh?


  3. My students are real martial artist there actions do there talking they don't hide behind internet blog sites gossiping like immature girls, I have honor of teaching some of the finest young martial arts students in country. Where is your honor your instructors would be ashamed by your lack of respect, lets be honst where do you guys train I would like to have full and frank discussion with your instructors about lack of respect and general slander. Bye the way that young girl in the picture is now 15,she would gladly meet any of you on the mats, you would not be so quick to criticize. I will be waiting for your instructors names. With Respect Paul Gannon, 5th degree black Belt, Korean Karate, Sumbmission fighter and MMA cage fighter.

  4. Mr gannon is as entitled to his opinion of course as I am of mine. I'm always happy to publish comments whether or not they support mine and I stand by my initial statement regarding this photograph.

  5. Mr. Gannon,

    I mean no disrespect to you or your club by my statement. I apologize if my wording came out sounding snobbish. I hold high regard for those involved the arts. I am merely a student, but I couldn't help but notice the thumb tucked into the fist in that picture and wonder why anyone, especially someone who has reached black belt, would punch in a way that could break their thumb. All the best to you.

  6. Mr. Gannon,

    We are all martial artists here - no need to be confrontational (which, I'm sorry to say, a challenge to have one of your students "meet any of [us] on the mats" most certainly is). Suze only posted a photo from your site - the tucked in thumb is probably just a mistake your young black belt made. We ALL make them, for certain. I'm sure she was not implying that your students aren't "real" martial artists, nor was anyone who commented on the thumb gossiping, being disrespectful or meaning to libel (slander is SPOKEN defamation).

    Everyone who commented here also blogs as well. We all are subscribers to each other's posts so we can learn from each other. The learning - from our shihans, senseis and fellow students whether they train next to us or on the other side of the world - is, to me, what martial arts is all about. Consider this photo a chance for us to learn/remember the importance of correct technique and form.

    The road for martial artists - especially for female martial artists - can sometimes be a solitary one. Harambe! (which is Ki-swahili for "let's all pull together"). All the best to you, your school and your students.

  7. Gannons are well known in Leicester for a poor standard of karate, sad but true. His comments are ill informed and aggressive.