17 July, 2010


A disappointing non-training day today. I had hoped to attend the Leicester Leys Judo Club at the leisure Centre in Beaumont Leys but it wasn't to be. The website of the leisure centre states the class starts at 9.30am for beginners, but having had some interesting experiences with websites in the past, I decided to give them a ring and double check. "Yes" says assistant David, there is a Judo class, it starts at 10am not 9.30am and it's for beginners of all ages.

With my trusty Martial Arts blog-bag packed (wallet, phone, keys, sat nav, bottle of water, knee bandage) I set off for the Leys and arrive in plenty of time.

I speak to Johnny who like everyone else there is not in a Gi, and he informs me that a class starts at 10am, but it's for juniors so could I come back at 11.30am? Er no, (much as I would like to spend 90 minutes staring at a vending machine and not return home until nearly 2pm...). To their credit they do offer to let me me stay and train with the juniors, and there may be a 13 year old turn up who I could partner with. But this looks more and more unlikely as the clock ticks on. As the oldest judo-ka now appears to be about 10 years old I would be so afraid of snapping him that I wouldn't be able to use any real techniques.

So no account of the training quality of this club today. I think the lack of proper uniform put me off instantly but I may go back at some point. I'm still determined to attend a Judo class and have seen another club at Aylestone Leisure centre which I hope to go to in the next few blogs. As it is I have the excitement of Kuk Sool Won and Old Yang Taijiquan to keep me busy over the next few weeks.


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  1. southfields judo http://sfjudo.kk5.org/#/sessions/4532024764 is an EXCELLENT EXCELLENT club