15 June, 2010

The elusive Mr Sahota

Excited at the prospect of my first martial arts session in several months I had plumped for Mr Sahota's Black Belt Academy of Taekwon do.

The website insists that Mr Sahota VII can train me to be a black belt in anything from 12 to 30 months depending on my commitment and dedication, and whilst I'm naturally sceptical about any such promises, the club is clearly well afilliated so it's worth a go. and I try not to judge the photo of the 1st Dan 8 year old...

Plus, I haven't been to a taekwon do class since KSTKD so I very much feel it's time to return to the style.

I send my standard enquiry email to the address on the website, just checking that's it's okay to turn up and see how I like it, but there's no answer before the class is due so I diligently turn up anyway, hurtling from work to get to my destination; 66 Friday Street for 6pm.

So there I am at 6pm, outside an abandoned factory...

I ring the number advertised on the website, and it rings out...

Worse, I am accompanied by partner Sam who had offered to come with so we could test it out together, (Sam having done some TKD a few years ago.)


We give up.

I don't know if Mr Sahota has moved or disbanded his club, but a little note on the website would not have gone amiss.

Not easily disheartened, and remembering that a leaflet inviting me to beginners classes in Karate and Kickboxing at Lancaster Boys School is stuck to my fridge, I turn tail and head for Knighton.

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