05 May, 2017

Update 2017

I like to revisit this blog every now and again and add a little update. A few additions for newbies arriving at the blog so long after it was originally started...

There's a new Wado karate club opening this week at the International Arts Centre in Leicester. (the old Anne Oliver dance studios). It's run by David Cole who's a veteran of karate competition and teaching and a genuinely lovely bloke. Classes are Mondays and Fridays. See the flyer for more info...

Taekwon-Do, I'm still recommending Leicester Taekwon-Do Academy. Ukitf style. They train Mondays and Wednesdays at southfields sports centre. Great Group of people.

I also visited a PKA class. Friendly and well run if you prefer kickboxing style.

Also Aylestone Judo Club run by Carla Jones has adults class on Tuesday nights at Aylestone Leisure Centre. Really enjoyed a couple of sessions there but my dodgy knee didn't unfortunately.

So a reassuring recap. The quality of martial arts is pretty good here in the city.
The general rule of thumb remains, check the club out, make sure they're affiliated to a bigger organisation (EKF karate, Itf or WTF taekwondo, BJA or BJC judo), don't pay too much up front and if you don't like the instructor... Try somewhere else.

Until next time...

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