10 October, 2010

Wax On, Move On.

Still hoping I'll be able to fit in a few visits to new clubs over the coming months. But in the meantime please visit my new blog here.


  1. Hi Suze...... Loving your blog lol........ I run two Martial Arts schools in Leicestershire, the Stealth Black Belt Academies........ I would love it if you would like to come along to one of our classes as my guest?
    We teach Free-Style Wado ryu Sport Karate...... bit of a gob full I know so lets just call it sport karate :-)
    Again the invites there I would love to read what you think about our classes :-)
    For more info about us look on www.stealth-uk.co.uk or give me a call on 01530 836000

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  3. Knowing your instructor is a fully qualified P.E.Instructor is what every aspiring martial artist wants to know! And it's how I stumbled on your blog ;)

    I grew up in Leicester but moved on, thank you for the entertainment while I returned to visit my father.

    I believe you found what you were looking for, and I'm glad, though it does mean that sadly this blog came to an end. I wish more people would follow suit, it's something the martial arts world as a whole needs.
    We've never met or trained together but I whole heartedly commend your attitude and your firm stance in posting.

    I sure my instructor would be happy to have you visit his dojo any time.

    Ganbatta Ne.
    Fraser Long.


    (Oops, fixed typo, I wish this allowed edits)

  4. Living in the South Wigston area (Working in city center) I've always wanted to give martial arts a go but always thought "What if I end up going to a really bad place and have my view of martial arts soured?". Do you think you could tell me any good places around where I live?
    (Preferably more technique based places as apposed to "MMA boxing gym" type places, and if possible a place that teaches Tai Chi)