12 September, 2009

Starting out: On a mission to find a decent Martial Arts Club in Leicester

So, my motive is twofold and I confess one is more worthy than the other. Firstly I will visit a different Martial Arts club in Leicester weekly and review it, in the interests of sorting the wheat from the chaff and attempt to find my new Martial Arts home. Secondly I will hopefully get a free taster session with as many of these clubs as possible and get several months of free work outs!
A few things to bare in mind: I already hold a black belt in Karate (my first dan was awarded in 1990 with the AKA) and since I started training in 1986 I have been fortunate enough to have trained in Shotokan with Enoeda Sensei (9th dan KUGB) and Leicester's own Sensei Tony Conroy (VII), in Traditional Tsuyoi Karate with Hanshi Gerry Bryan (founder of Tsuyoi) and in Goju Ryu under Higaonna Sensei. BUT I am very unfit, slightly overweight for my height and about as flexible as a stick of Brighton Rock so I need a class where some ability but beginner's fitness can be taken into account.
I'm not too bothered about the style of Martial Art just whether is is well taught and enjoyable and I've set a few ground rules to start off with: I won't mention that I am experienced unless specifically challenged, but I won't lie if asked, similiarly I won't mention that I'm visiting alot of clubs unless asked. I'll be commenting on the quality of teaching, venue, style, structure of the class, quality of the senior grades, etiquette and anything else I feel like mentioning. Sometimes I might not be very nice but I will be honest, and sadly, if the club doesn't run a class on a Thursday it probably won't be included as that's the only evening I have free.
See the first two blogs: Krystina Sargent's Tae Kwon Do in Oadby and Mick Gannon's Black Belt Academy, Blackbird Road...

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